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In 2020, B. Boukau becomes Boukko. He lets his imagination speak on all types of media (Canvas, clothes, shoes, walls, furniture ...) and paints his first canvas in Paris, his hometown where he was born in 1987. He always starts from a simple idea to create a concept and set no limits in its creation by sometimes having real materials to bring power to his works.

  In the Contemporary Art movement, his style is between Free Figuration and Urban Art. He mainly uses acrylic brushes and aerosols. Most of his works are perfect with a resin giving a lacquered, glazed, very modern and precious aspect. A particular process which requires precision and time, for a perfect finish.

With a lot of irony, Boukko tackles multiple subjects through his painting, and passes his messages via the characters from his imagination called 'Boukus', inspired in part by the famous Belgian statue “Manneken-pis” which represents in his eyes the symbol of freedom, of free expression. We can find his characters in several contexts. Creative and manual, he designs and manufactures series of furniture full of charm, where he combines art and design that he describes as “luxury recovery”.

The 'Boukus', a character from Boukko's imagination, is partly inspired by the famous Belgian statue “Manneken-pis”  which represents the symbol of freedom tinged with a certain irreverence in the face of the shackles of the established system. Always colorful, it evolves over the years and follows the current of the waves carried by the societal ocean. With great irony, Boukko uses this character through his works as a relay, to disseminate ideas, reflections, from playful to politically relevant, but always colored with humor.

Wishing to address the widest possible audience, the artist conveys simple messages through communicative drawings and makes the lines of his paintings readable from 7 to 77 years old. The 'Boukus', with its heart-shaped eyes, is in the image of its creator, filled with positivity, love, openness. He generally wants to be a unifier, an ambassador for peace. Boukko declines the Boukus in several contexts, offering an infinite and timeless image perspective.

As a lover of letters, Boukko tends to link the image to writing and transcribes his emotions, his feelings, reflections on the canvas, in an intuitive and spontaneous way. This process  brings power and authenticity to his works, in the image of his personality, both meticulous and instinctive. The artist firmly believes that words and images remain powerful weapons to disseminate his messages in a peaceful, yet effective manner.

Some public figures have aroused admiration and brought inspiration to Boukko's creations. He pays homage to them in his own way by offering a colorful representation of them. Modern representations in bright colors and marked outlines.

Considering that art must be disseminated beyond the wall of a contemporary art gallery, the idea of personalizing merchandising products naturally emerged. From T-shirts to mugs, a variety of items in the colors of the Boukus were born, to satisfy faithful lovers of the positivity brought by Boukko's works.

Boukko x Fdf 1 2019 IVI_5721.JPG

Boukko, Paris 2020


Boukko Working Sos Villages d'enfants June 2021

Boukko pour SOS Village Enfants Persan juin 2021

Boukko x Fdf 1 2019 IVI_5721

Photoshoot pour Fdf Paris Magazine Boukko 2019

B.Boucau x GoyaIMG_4491

B.Boucau x Goya Paris March 2019

BBoucau x BBP Freedom Tee.png
Jay Z 2015 B.Boucau Custom Shoes.jpg
Jay z with B.Boucau Custom shoes.jpg
The BBP Timb Basquiat Shoes

The BBP Timb Basquiat Shoes for Black Boy Place made by B. Boucau

Jay Z

Beyoncé posting the BBP Basquiat shoes hand made by B. Boucau wearing by Jay Z

Jay Z Wearing The BBP Basquiat Shoes

Merci à Jay Z de représenter The BBP Basquiat Shoes customisées par B. Boucau / Thanks to Jay Z for wearing The BBP Basquiat Shoes hand customed by B. Boucau

The BBP Basquiat Shoes

The Basquiat Shoes For Black Boy Place made by B. Boucau

The Carters

Papparazzi shoot the Carter's Family

Twin BBP Timb.png

Larry Bourgeois From Les Twins with BBP and B. Boucau Art



June 2021 - Forum Moca, City Hall of Paris,

Paris, France)

April 2020 - Galerie G3 Contemporary Art,

Solo Show, Brussels (Belgium)

March 2020 - Manoir Pirene, 'L'Art vous va si bien', Collective show, Brussels (Belgium)

March 2019 -  Galerie G3 Art Contemporain, 'The Six', collective show, Brussels (Belgium)

July 2018 - Mona Lisa Gallery,  Collective Show (Paris)

June 2018 - Galerie Dupuis, Pop Up Art Show, solo show (Paris)


June 2018 - Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg Art Fair, ART 3F -, (Luxembourg)

April 2018 - Multi Art Event, Château des Terrasses, Collective show -  Monaco

December 2017 - BogArt Gallery, Collective show - Brussels, (Belgium)

October 2017 - Art Shopping Show, Paris, International Show - Paris (France)


September 2016 - Summer Train Festival, Generators, Live and Collective Show - Paris (France)


May 2016 - 'Matter', Le Badaboum, Collective Show - Paris (France)


August 2015 - La Bellevilloise, HypeFest, Collective Show - Paris (France)


June 2015 - Le Mondial, Solo Show - Paris (France)


May 2015 - Matignon Paris, Solo Show - Paris (France)


August 2014 - Pop up Gallery 355 A Bowery, Solo Show - New York City (USA)


October 2013 - Mamco Genève, Collective Show - Genève (Switzerland)


January 2013 - Gallerie H 3 Concept, Collective Show - Paris (France)


March 2012 - 'Etats-d'Ames' exhibition - Labo 13 Gallery - Paris (France)


December 2011 - Show Art and Life Baubourg, Live, Collective show– Paris (France)

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