Boukko Workshop Boukkoeur Sept 2020
B.Boucau Working Tolerus Project Mai 202

In 2020, B.Boucau Becomes Boukko. Boukko lets his imagination speaks on all types of supports (clothes, shoes, walls, furniture ...) and paints his first canvas in Paris, his hometown. He always starts from a simple idea to create a concept and sets no limits in his creation by sometimes having real materials to bring power to his works. In the Contemporary Art Movement, His style is between Free Figuration and the Street Art. He mainly use acrylic with brush, and sprays. . Most of his Works are finished by a resin giving a lacquered, glazed, very modern and precious aspect. With great irony, Boukko tackles through his painting many subjects, and passes his messages through the characters of his creation called 'Boukkus', inspired in part by the famous Belgian statue "Manneken-pis" which represents for him the symbol of freedom and indifference of the system.We can find his characters in many contexts.

Creative and manual, he also designs and manufactures series of furniture full of charm, where he combines art and design that he calls "luxury recovery".

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